LaTech CNC Saw band cutting machine

masina de debitat

LaTech CNC numerically controlled Saw band cutting machine, thickness 300mm, oxygen gas flame, mass size 12000mm x 2500mm.

It allows the cutting of thick sheets according to various more complex shapes, the execution of larger holes, for which there would not be drills large enough.

Saw band cutting machine

Saw band cutting machine ARG 290 PLUS SAF. It is used to cut metal profiles at an angle (square, round pipe, etc.).

3-roll rolling machine DURMA HRB-3 3016

Hydraulic rolling machine
Maximum thickness 160 mm

Parallel lathes – 300/1200

Strunguri paralele - 300/1200

They are used for processing metal and non-metal blanks. They can perform operations such as turning, drilling or threading.

Fronius welding machines

Aparate de sudura Fronius

Inverter devices for manual welding.
WIG, MIG, MAG devices with inverter.

5 ton overhead crane

Pod rulant de 5 tone
For handling materials

Painting stand

Stand de vopsire

The parts in the production hall are treated anticorrosively with primer, respectively the paint in the painting stand.

25 ton Grove RT 628S crane

Macara Grove RT 628S de 25 tone

We have in our fleet of equipment Grove RT 628S crane, with a lifting capacity of 25 tons.